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Growatt 5kW Hybrid Single Phase 2 MPPT Solar Inverter SPH 5000TL BL-UP

Growatt 5kW Hybrid Single Phase 2 MPPT Solar Inverter SPH 5000TL BL-UP

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The Growatt SPH5000TL BL-UP is a solar inverter that efficiently converts DC power generated by solar panels into AC power for home and commercial use. This inverter is designed with two maximum power point tracking (MPPT) inputs to optimize voltage and current levels for capturing maximum energy from solar panels. It is a single-phase all-in-one inverter that comes with a built-in UPS feature for uninterrupted power supply during blackouts.

With a stunning IP65 protection level, this inverter is more durable and flexible for installation. It offers multiple programmable working modes that allow users to decide how to realize self-sufficiency and make the most out of their system. The EPS output can even provide backup supply during grid absence.

The SPH5000TL BL-UP is a comprehensive solution that includes accessories such as a battery, meter, and datalogger optional for different application scenarios. It also features smart load management via dry contact, scalable system configuration, VPP interface ready, and remote smart O&M.

The inverter has a 1.5 DC/AD ratio, making it an ideal choice for home systems. Overall, the Growatt SPH5000TL BL-UP is a reliable and efficient solution for residential and commercial solar power systems.


  • Smart load management via dry contact

  • UPS function, 10ms transistion

  • Scalable system configuration

  • VPP interface ready

  • Remote smart O&M

  • 1.5 DC/AD Ratio


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