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JINKO 440W 108 Cell TIGER NEO Mono-Facial N-Type Solar Panel JKM440N-54HL4R-V

JINKO 440W 108 Cell TIGER NEO Mono-Facial N-Type Solar Panel JKM440N-54HL4R-V

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The JINKO Tiger Neo 440w – N Type is a powerful and efficient solar panel that features advanced N-type monocrystalline solar cells, making it more efficient and less prone to degradation than traditional P-type cells. Its half-cut cell configuration and unique tiling ribbon design reduce energy loss and enhance its overall efficiency, resulting in a peak output of 440W. The panel’s durable aluminum frame can withstand harsh weather conditions, and its pre-installed connectors make installation and maintenance easy.

The JINKO Tiger Neo 440w – N Type is backed by a 25-year power output warranty, providing peace of mind that your investment will continue to deliver superior performance for many years. Its high-performance and reliable design make it an excellent choice for those looking for a solar panel that delivers exceptional efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, the JINKO Tiger Neo 440w – N Type is an excellent investment for those looking to take advantage of solar energy.

The Jinko Tiger Neo N-type 54HL4R-(V) 440W is the latest in premium panels, offering excellent next-gen features and technology, including:

  • N-Type technology allows for greater efficiency, lower degradation, and longer lasting panels
  • Multi-Busbar Solar Cell giving the latest in solar technology to improve efficiency while looking great
  • 22.02% Module Efficiency – Extra wattage in a compact form, being the same size as Jinko’s 415W modules
  • 0.29% Temperature Co-efficient – Improved performance in higher temperatures
  • Hot 2.0 technology with better reliability and little to no LID/LETID
  • Able to withstand extreme weather conditions: Certified to withstand heavy wind loads (2400 Pascal)
  • Low Degradation, with an annual degradation rate of only 0.4% over 30 years after the first year
  • 25 Year Product Warranty | 30 Year Linear Power Warranty

Key Features:

  • SMBB Technology - Better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability.
  • PID Resistance - Excellent Anti-PID performance guarantee via optimized mass-production process and materials control
  • Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions - High salt mist and ammonia resistance.
  • Hot 2.0 Technology -  The N-type module with Hot 2.0 technology has better reliability and lower LID/LETID.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Load -  Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal).
Power: 440 Watt
Technology: TOPCon
Dimensions: 1762 x 1134 x 30 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: White

Product advantages

  • 108 monocrystalline N-type cells
  • 0/+3 % positive power tolerance
  • Anti-PID
  • Reduced hot spot loss
  • 25 years product warranty
  • 30 years linear power warranty

Product features JinkoSolar JKM440N-54HL4-V

  • Power: 440 Watt
  • 1000/1500V IEC certified
  • Frame color: Black
  • White backsheet
  • Dimensions: 1762 × 1134 × 30 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 22.0 kg
  • Cable length: 1.20 m
  • Connector type: MC4
  • Protection category: IP68
  • Power temperature coefficient: -0.29% /°C


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