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SERAPHIM SIV SERIES N-TOPCON Bifacial 440W 108 Cells (SRP-440-BTD-BG) Solar Panel

SERAPHIM SIV SERIES N-TOPCON Bifacial 440W 108 Cells (SRP-440-BTD-BG) Solar Panel

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Seraphim SIV N-TOPCON Series 440W – Black Fixed Frame Solar Panel

Introducing the Seraphim SIV N-TOPCON Series 440W, a high-performance solar module from the renowned N-TOPCON series. Ideal for both residential and commercial solar installations, this module offers an impressive power of 440 watts, catering to varied energy needs.

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced Technology: Equipped with multi-main gate technology, enhancing the module’s efficiency and energy output.

High Efficiency: Boasts a module conversion efficiency of 22.53%, ensuring more power generation per square meter.

Superior Load Capacity: Can withstand heavy environmental loads, making it durable and reliable.

Excellent Performance in Low Light: Works efficiently even in low-light conditions like early mornings, cloudy days, or late afternoons.

Low Degradation: Features low attenuation, meaning the power output decreases very slowly over time.

Extended Warranty: Comes with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring 97.4% efficiency in the first year and at least 87.4% efficiency after 30 years.
Certifications and Quality Assurance

The SRP-440-BTD-BG is certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001, reflecting its adherence to the highest standards of quality and environmental management. Additionally, it is backed by insurance for added peace of mind.

Product Specifications
Each module measures 1722 x 1134 x 28 mm and weighs 18.5 kg. It features high-quality N-TOPCon cells encased in durable glass and framed in black anodized aluminum alloy. The module is designed to resist environmental elements, boasting an IP68 rated junction box and robust connectors.

Electrical Characteristics
The module’s electrical specifications include a power output range 440W, with a maximum voltage of up to 39.30V and a peak current of up to 14.15A. These features ensure optimal performance under various conditions.

Environmental Adaptability
Designed to perform in a wide range of environmental conditions, the module can operate between temperatures of -40 to +85 °C. It also has a high bifaciality rate, meaning it can absorb light and generate power from both sides.

Enhancing Your Solar Experience
With the SRP-440-BTD-BG, you can expect reduced Balance of System (BOS) and Kilowatt-Hour (KWH) costs, making your solar investment more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Perfect Choice for Sustainable Energy
Whether you are looking to power your home or business, the SRP-440-BTD-BG offers a reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solution. Invest in the future of energy with confidence.


Datasheet Summary

Attribute Value
Brand Seraphim
Part Number SRP-440-BTD-BG
Cell Count 108 Cell
Frame Colour Black
Frame Thickness 28mm
Genuine / Non Genuine MC4 Genuine MC4
Ships on Pallet Yes
Wattage 440 Watt
Shipping Information
Freight Levy Applies To All Postcodes
Weight (kg) 18.5000
Length (mm) 1722
Height (mm) 28
Width (mm) 1134
Length Packaging (mm) 1722
Height Packaging (mm) 28
Width Packaging (mm) 1134


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